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 Our Products :
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Installation of new machinery:
Lathe -1 No

24 feet long * 750MM center height MS, Rubberised, Stainless Steel, Castiron,etc having 6 Meter and Dia-Meter of 1450MM.
Kneader 25 liters capacity
Range of work:
Manufacturing of MS Stain steel rollers.
Rerubberising of all industrial rolls especially paper machine rolls.
Grinding of MS, mild steel, rubber ebonite rolls with cambering facility.

Paper Industry (Rubber Covered Rolls for the Paper Industry)
With a vast experience in this field and state to the art manufacturing plants, equipped with latest machinery, Denis Rubber Engineering gives the best Rolls for Paper Industry.
We manufacture the following kinds of Rolls:
Top Press Rolls with Micro-rock Covering
Breast Rolls
Bottom Press Rolls
Pickup Rolls
M.G. Touch Rolls
Wire Couch Rolls
Mould Couch Rolls
Wire Return Rolls
Press Felt Rolls
Dryer Felt Rolls
Mount Hope Rolls
Worm Rolls
Textile Industry ( Rubber Covered Rolls for the Textile Industry)
The textile industry uses rubber covered rolls for drying, bleaching, mercerizing.and printing Coverings for textile industry must exhibit resistance to chemicals, good dynamic properties, heat and abrasion resistance and non-marking characteristics. To ensure success the coverings must be formulated specifically for use in these applications. The selection of compounding ingredients is critical in many instances to this process since textile is some what unique. Denis Rubber Engineering offers time tested and highly approved coverings designed for textile applications.
We manufacture the following kinds of Rolls:
Jigger Rolls
Mangle Rolls
Stenter Rolls
Printing Rolls
Guide Rolls
Steel Industry (Rubber Covered Rolls for the Steel Industry)
Rubber Covered Rolls
Denis manufactures a wide variety of Rolls for Steel Industry. Using Ultra modern & Latest machinery, we manufacture rubber Rolls for Cold Rolled Steel & Continuous Galvanizing Line.

Following are the kind of Rollers for Steel Industry:
Squeeze Rolls
Snubber Rolls
Steering Rolls
Pinch Rolls
Deflector Rolls
Bridle Rolls
Vertical Accumulator Rolls (Exit)
Idler Rolls
Oiler Rolls
Dryer Rolls
Printing Industry (Rubber Covered Rolls for the Printing Industry)
After years of experience, research and feedback from printers Denis Rubber Engineering has perfected state to the art printing rollers.
Following are the kind of Rollers for Printing Industry:
Offset ink forme roller
Flexo roller
Offset ink distributor roller
PhotoGravure roller
Offset ink duct roller
Lamination roller
Offset dampping roller
Varnishing roller
Roofing Industry (Rubber Rolls for the Roofing Industry)
There are a variety of roll applications where coverings are exposed to abrasive media which can alter surface finish and roll geometry in the roofing industry. In these applications it is essential that the roll coverings are formulated to maximized resistance to abrasion. This is accomplished through the selection of the base polymers and filler systems so that improved resistance to abrasion can be activated. Denis Rubber Engineering offers many different types of coverings have been specifically designed for roofing applications, but consideration for the operating environment is essential for the most suitable rubber covering.

We manufacture the following kinds of Rolls for Roofing Industry:
Press Rolls
Breast Rolls
Couch Rolls
Ebonit guide Rolls
Denis Rubber Engineering offers all kind of conveyor pulleys along with conveyor systems, Specially designed to suite Individual customer needs.

FRP Products

Our FRP products are excellent for high temperature and corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant applications. They are lightweight, durable, impact resistant and will not rust. These properties have the added advantages of easy handling and installation, efficient flow, strength, and stability makes FRP the material of choice for your equipment. Our FRP products and capabilities include pipes and fittings, tanks and vessels, scrubbers and stacks.

Tanks Lining
Pipes lining
Vessels Lining

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